How Can a Facility Basketball Machine Improve your Free Throw Percentage?

With the latest technological offerings amping up the game of basketball, basketball shooting drills practice with the top-tier and automated shooting machines have become quite effortless.

basketball shooting drills

With a basketball shoot game practice, you can mix and match a variety of drills and sharpen your skills with the help of automated shooting machines. Yes, these are the latest technological offerings that will help you level up your game and become one of the most coveted players on the team.

But does an automated basketball hoop rebounder help you in improving your free throw percentage? Let’s take a look at this specific facet of the game.

What is a free throw?

Considered to be the most effortless shots in basketball, a free throw is earned when an opponent player fouls you and gives you a superb opportunity to earn points for your team that could have been earned naturally if you were not fouled.

You might see that coaches and mentors emphasize the importance of free throws during basketball shooting drills. Do you know why?

It is because free throws are uncontested shots where the fouled player can tip the balance of the scales in favor of his team. It is the highest percentage shot, accounting for almost 70% of the shots made by each team. Thus, even when you are practicing basketball shooting drills at home, you should focus a lot on perfecting your free throws, never to miss scoring from these golden opportunities.

How can a facility basketball machine help you improve your free throw percentage?

With the top-of-the-line facility basketball machine like the Gun 12k and other Gun variants from Shoot-A-Way, you can improve the overall quality of your basketball shooting.

If you are keen to practice basketball shooting, an automated rebounder endowed with the latest technological offerings like the Gun 12k can help you in perfecting your free throws by leaps and bounds.

  • The Gun 12k and other Gun variants from the house of Shoot-A-Way will enable you to create bespoke basketball shooting drills at home and practice them to perfection, thereby improving your shooting prowess.
  • The Gun 12k also helps you refine your stance, balance, form, and shot mechanics, thereby allowing you to shoot farther and more successfully in basketball.
  • Statistics show that games go down to the wire with fouls committed in the last minute and free throws won. With a facility basketball machine like the Gun 12k that comes with a range of preset court distances from where you can make your shots and five multi-pass distance selectors, you can constantly perfect your free throws from the free-throw line. Converting your free throws becomes easier when you have a great technological device in the form of an automated rebounder at your disposal in your training facility or your varsity.

Final words:

In a world of knockdown shooters, you will often find players who are heading to the free-throw line, beaming with confidence that they can convert the free throw and redeem their team’s glory. Well, with the presence of a facility basketball machine, you can achieve such a feat too, with supreme confidence!

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